Brick + Timber manages more than 95 residential buildings across San Francisco. Our team puts a big premium on neighborhoods with great shops, restaurants, and bars – Hayes Valley, Marina, and Pac Heights to name a few. Not interested in those locations? The map below shows some of our buildings across San Francisco. Unfortunately, given the desirability of these neighborhoods, many of our buildings are fully occupied. Don’t fret though, we always have a few vacancies, and if you email, we'd be happy to send you a list of our available listings during our website construction.

Map of Brick+Timber properties
  • 145 Fell Street 145 Fell Street
  • 1055 Mason Street 1055 Mason Street
  • 1106 Bush Street 1106 Bush Street
  • 2355 Scott Street 2355 Scott Street
  • 275 Grattan Street 275 Grattan Street
  • 1046 Pacific Avenue 1046 Pacific Avenue